Use of the Change of Campus form and an Application for Admission will initiate the application process by forwarding records of a student to the new campus.
Note: If you are planning to attend the new Nebraska System Campus on a temporary / visiting basis, with the intention of returning to your current / home campus, you should complete the Intercampus form, rather than the Change of Campus process.

Who should file a Change of Campus?
Any student who is attending or has attended one of the four campuses of the University of Nebraska System and is making application for admission as a degree-seeking student at a new UN campus.
Procedures for filing a Change of Campus
Complete an application for admission to the new campus. Check with the new campus Office of Admissions or Graduate Studies Office regarding entrance examinations, required transcripts, etc.

Use the online Change of Campus form to initiate the process of forwarding records to the new campus.
Present campus: Campus where student is currently or was previously enrolled.

New campus: Campus to which application is now being made for admission.

Other Important Information
  1. Approval: Approval of the Change of Campus does not insure admission to the new campus.
  2. Policy: Students repeating courses should check the new campus policy if they want information on the removal of previous grades.
  3. Aid: The new campus will be responsible for the awarding and distributing of federal financial aid. Check with the aid officer on the new campus for application and processing procedures. Also, request that a financial aid transcript be sent from the present campus aid office to the new campus aid office.
  4. Registration: Completion of this form does not cancel present or future registrations. For more information about cancellation and withdrawal contact the Registration Office of your present campus.
  5. Graduate Students: Graduate students considering a Change of Campus should talk with personnel in the Graduate Office on the new campus.
  6. If you have a 'hold' on any records, you must resolve the hold before the Change of Campus form can be processed. Your academic records will not be forwarded to the new campus until all holds are resolved.